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the Golf Elevator

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Father's Day Sale !

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Playing golf when the grass is wet can be annoying and distracting. That's what happens if you play on turf wet with dew, after a rain shower, or when the sprinklers have been running. Your grips get wet and slippery.

Golf Elevator is like a kickstand that raises your grip above the wet turf, keeping it High and Dry. Stop missing putts because of a wet grip when you have to lay your putter or irons down on the wet grass.

Remember, "Wet Grips=Missed Putts"

The Golf Elevator easily screws into the vent hole in the top of any grip in seconds, so it's always right where you need it, when you need. It's not another thing you have to carry, you can't forget it, and you can't lose it.

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Elevate your gRIP

  • Tees, divot repair tools, soggy towels are no longer needed as props to keep your grip dry.
  • Keeps grips clean. That's especially important after messy aeration of the course.
  • Helps keep fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals from getting on your hands and face.
  • Saves back pain...no need to bend down to lay your club down or pick it up. Just lift it with the other club in your hand.
  • Makes your club easier to see so you don't accidentally leave it behind.
  • Easily attaches to the top of the grip in seconds, so you can't lose it and there's no need to carry another separate gadget with you.
  • Can be remounted if you re-grip or buy a new club.
  • Makes a great gift for your favorite golfers and business clients.
  • Precision machined Stainless Steel, built to last a lifetime, adding great value.

Wet Grips = Missed Putts

The Golf Elevator is the coolest new golf accessory for your putter. It's like a kickstand that elevates the grip above the wet turf, High and Dry. It mounts securely to the top of your grip. Golf Elevator comes with a built-in magnetic ball marker that is easily accessible with a flip of your finger tip. We can even customize the ball marker with your own logo, making it a great advertising and promotional gift for your special business clients. It's new and unique, so it makes a really great tournament gift as well.

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