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“Fall Special”

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Golf Elevator PLUS

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Fall Special !

Dry Grip, Stay Focused, Putt Better !

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"Wet Grip=Missed Putts"

  • Easily attaches to the top of any grip in seconds, so you can't lose it, can't forget it and there's no need to carry anything extra with you.

  • Can be remounted if you re-grip or buy a new club.

  • Keeps grips clean, dry, and protected from fertilizers, pesticides, toxic chemicals, and bird or animal waste, while protecting your glove, hands and face.

  • Saves back pain...no more bending down to lay your club down or pick it up after a shot. Just lift it with the other club in your hand.

  • Makes your club stand out, easier to see so you don't accidentally leave it behind.

  • Tees, divot tools, soggy towels are no longer needed as props to keep your grip dry.

  • Precision machined Stainless Steel, built to last a lifetime, makes it a great value.

  • A Magnetic Ball Marker is built right into the top of the Golf Elevator PLUS, making it a perfect gift for your favorite golfer, for tournament gifts or for special business clients.

"Dry Grip-Stay Focused-Putt better"