Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

Richard Feldman, Delray Beach, Florida writes:

I subscribe to the adage, “If I don’t have it, they don’t make it.”  Well I was wrong.  I frequently play golf in the early mornings, and a wet putter grip causes me to shank puts.  Since I’ve purchased the “Golf Elevator” I no longer have any excuse in missing straight 6 to 10 foot puts.  Instead of using clunky wires and multiple towels to keep my putter off of wet grass, the Golf Elevator keeps my putter grip dry and allows me to putt with confidence.  Easy to install and adds no weight to the putter head.  Love the ball marker that’s attached to the Golf Elevator, especially when I’ve lost the 3  I started out with in my pocket.  And what owner/inventor sends you a personalized note thanking you for purchasing his product!!  I heartily recommend this product, especially as a give away in Member/Guest tournaments.  

Richard Feldman, December 2018